Patient Centered Medical Home Responsibilities

As Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) facilities, we are responsible for defining and communicating our role and the role of the patient in this model of care.

GHMS’ responsibilities are as follows:

  • We inform patients, families, and caregivers of the importance of their role in the PCMH model of care.
  • We maintain a list of locations, contact numbers, providers with bios, and services provided at each location on our website. We also have this information in patient brochures at each location for ease of access for our patients.
  • We ask our patients to choose a personal clinician/care team for continuity of care.
  • We provide instructions for reaching the practice after hours for care or clinical advice on both our website and patient brochures.
  • We maintain a list of patient resources that can be accessed at any of our locations and on our website.
  • We provide evidence-based care and list sources on our website along with patient educational resource sites.

Patient Responsibilities are as follows:

  • Active Participation by providing accurate information about their medical history, symptoms, and lifestyle choices.
  • Self-Management by following recommended treatment plans, taking medications as prescribed, making necessary lifestyle changes, and attending follow-up appointments.
  • Collaborating by openly sharing their preferences, values, and goals.
  • Communication by communicating to their care team promptly any changes in their health status, medications, treatment plans, or difficulty adhering to the recommended care plan.
  • Compliance by adhering to the agreed-upon care plan and following the instructions provided by their care team.