Operational Changes Due to COVID-19

The health of our staff, patients and customers is very important and we are taking measures to maintain a healthy environment.

  • All Georgia Highlands Medical Services patients or visitors will be required to wear a mask before entering any of our locations
  • Patients will be asked a series of questions before scheduling an appointment to ensure we do not expose any patients or staff to individuals who are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms
  • All offices have created socially distant waiting rooms

Pharmacy Operational Changes


Highlands Pharmacy is now offering patients the option to have their prescriptions mailed to their homes. Please contact our Pharmacist to enroll in this program.

Curbside prescription pick-up is now in place. We ask that you wait in your cars and text the pharmacy when you arrive and your medications will be brought out to you.

We continue to do all that we can to provide a healthy environment for all so that we can continue to provide services to our customers.