Take precautions over the holidays!

During this holiday season, ensure you are up to date on the latest guidance around COVID-19, the flu, and RSV as respiratory disease season hits full swing. According to the CDC, respiratory illnesses are rising in most parts of the country, particularly in the South and the West.

Do not let your guard down – If your holiday plans involve being around people who are at high risk for severe disease, including elderly adults or people who are immunocompromised, CDC guidance suggests you should stay home. If you keep to your plans, we recommend staying masked or outdoors the entire time.
If you have symptoms, please stay home, get tested and seek treatment. Vaccines are available. Recent research suggests you can get your COVID-19 booster and flu shot simultaneously without reducing either’s efficacy to schedule both appointments simultaneously.

Getting Your Flu Vaccine for Free or at Low Cost – Most health care insurance plans cover the annual flu shot as preventive care. Flu vaccination is often available at no or low cost to people who do not have insurance. For Children: If your child is insured, most health care insurance plans cover flu vaccination at no cost to you.

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