Support Services

As a community health center and a certified patient centered medical home, Georgia Highlands Medical Services provides several additional ancillary and support services to ensure every patient receives the support they need to achieve the very best health outcome. Some examples of the support services we provide our patients include:

  • Eligibility assistance: help qualifying for housing, healthcare coverage and/or specialty care (such as neurology, orthopedic, cardiology care, etc.)
  • Help navigating the complicated healthcare and insurance systems
  • Assistance with the Medicaid and Medicare application process
  • Information about local area support services and programs
  • Help is available in any language; we provide medical interpreting service on-site when needed.

At Georgia Highlands Medical Services, we are a system of care in partnership with hospitals, service organizations and others across the region to ensure a seamless continuity for the patients who call us their medical home.

Since 1979, we have served as the place where people can experience healing, caring relationships – regardless of their personal circumstance. We will continue to do so, and, in the process, seek to serve as a catalyst for a better system of care.