The Community Health Center Space Expansion Project in 1999 more than doubled the size of the Cumming Family Health Center!
From the moment you enter the doors of one of our Family Health Centers, you become part of a long tradition of patient-centered, quality care.  At GHMS, we are committed to excellence in delivering the highest quality health care and services to all of our patients.  We know that good care involves more than good medicine and good providers.  It is about having a pleasant, comfortable, and satisfying experience every time you visit us.  Our highly-trained staff is dedicated to meeting your medical needs.  We want to help you feel better, and will work with you to help you manage your health.

Our Mission is to provide quality health care and the best patient experience to those we serve.

Our Vision is to be the provider of choice for family medical services in our area.

And our Values are Integrity, Service, Quality, and Sustainability.

Highly trained and competent health care professionals deliver our care.  Our staff fosters a culture of personal and professional growth.  We seek excellence from our colleagues and ourselves, while striving to help each other reach our maximum potential.